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    Are you up for a job with the department of transportation? Is your business subject to the DOTs rules and guidelines? Make sure you comply with Department of Transportation alcohol testing, drug testing, DOT exams and even physical examination requirements. These requirements exist to ensure that drivers on our roads are in fit condition to perform their job duties without risking the safety of others. These services are especially important for truckers and others involved in interstate commerce. We provide the following DOT testing and examination services:

  • Drug & Alcohol Testing

    When it comes to the department of transportation, it’s especially important, for liability purposes, to ensure drivers are drug and alcohol-free before and during their employment. With that in mind, we provide DOT and FMCSA-compliant drug and alcohol testing services from DATIA-trained staff. Whether you’re up for a job and need to comply or you own a business that’s subject to these guidelines, we can provide the following:

    • Drug Testing
    • Alcohol Testing
    • Drug Testing System Design
    • Reasonable Suspicion Training

  • DOT Physicals

    Another aspect of working with the Department of Transportation is complying with their physical examinations guidelines. These physicals are needed to determinate the fitness of DOT workers. Read on for more details about DOT Services.

  • DOT Physical Facts

    • Required for commercial drivers with vehicles that exceed 10,000 lb.
    • Certification is valid for two years.
    • Some may be eligible for an exemption based on the condition and the severity of that condition.
    • DOT Physicals must be done through a medical examiner certified through FMCSA.
    • Failure to disclose medical issues will invalidate your license.

  • Physicals Include:

  • • Medical History
    • Vision & Hearing Tests

  • • Cardiovascular Testing
    • Urinalysis

  • • Nervous System Testing
    • Other tests deemed necessary by the physician

  • Capacity for Work Testing

    Are your workers up for the task? How do you evaluate worker fitness for the job? Dr. Tebbe uses the J-tech system to help you evaluate your workers. Our system tests an employees ability to do the following things:

    • Lifting
    • Pushing
    • Pulling
    • Reaching
    • Grip
    • Range of Motion

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